EasyDry Eco Friendly Salon Towels


Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels and other products that are recyclable and biodegradable and which offer the highest possible levels of hygiene. Made using eco-friendly processes and without the use of chemicals, they provide a sustainable, convenient alternative to cotton towels and the relentless grind of laundering them.



Used by the most forward-thinking businesses in the world including Ken Picton, Karine Jackson, Leo Bancroft, Anne Veck and Hooker & Young, Easydry’s disposable hairdressing eco-towels are more convenient, absorbent, eco-friendly and hygienic than outdated cotton towels and laundry systems. Even better, using Easydry disposable towels is 25% cheaper than laundering cotton towels.



  • Are you frustrated with having to rely on laundries that never deliver or washing machines that keep breaking down?
  • Is one or more of your team constantly loading and unloading towels from the washing machine or tumble dryer instead of looking after clients?
  • Do you fret about scratchy, stained, discolored towels being offered to your clients?
  • Do you panic about having a constant supply of clean, soft and luxurious towels?
  • If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you need Easydry.


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EasyDry Eco-Friendly Salon Towels


Easydry is fully committed to the concept and practice of sustainable product development. Our primary objective is to develop an innovative range of products using sustainable raw materials and processes to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Our commitment to safeguarding the world’s environment extends to every step of production. We have carefully and painstakingly forged every possible link in our supply chain to partner only with companies that can demonstrate their own commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious processes.



Easydry takes its responsibilities seriously when sourcing raw materials:

  • The trees that provide our raw material come from sustainable, properly managed forestry. We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, artificial irrigation, genetic modification or illegally harvested wood
  • Our trees are grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops or human habitation.
  • Our forestry sources are continuously monitored, assessed and certified.
  • Cultivation and production of our raw materials combined use approximately 40 times less water than the cultivation of cotton.



Easydry Salon towels are 100% biodegradable. They will fully biodegrade within 12 weeks. Easydry fibers are part of nature’s cycle – they come from nature and return to nature.

Easydry towels are recyclable and can be recycled with cardboard/paper waste.

All packaging is compostable or recyclable.



Easydry partners only with companies that share their attitudes on sustainability and environmentally friendly processes. Our partner companies are extremely conscious of their responsibilities and adhere to the highest environmental standards. Certification for our ‘cradle-to-grave’ supply chain includes:

  • The European Eco Flower – Environmental process certification
  • European Award for the Environment
  • Nordic Ecolabel
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management system
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Confidence In Textiles certification
  • Panda Mark
  • ISO 9001 – Quality control
  • OHSAS 18001 – Health and safety
  • The Salon Chair Guys



Easydry is proud to have FSC® Certification:

FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. They enable businesses and consumers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy, and create positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics.

Easydry is delighted to announce that our FSC certification details are as follows: Certificate Code: SA-COC-003168, FSC License Code: FSC-C111422.

All of our products are FSC® certified. For more information on FSC and the Easydry certification please click here.


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