How Do You Get Hairspray Build-up Off A Salon Chair?

The Ugly Truth: Hairspray Build-Up Breaks Down Salon Furniture’s Soft Surfaces & Hairdressers’ Good Reputations

Most veteran hairstylists know that hairspray build-up on salon furniture is a common issue in hair salons. Almost every hairdresser also knows that a little hairspray build-up can actually become a really big deal, as it can damage both your hairdresser chair and your reputation with your clients. Your clients don’t want to sit in a dirty-looking or damaged salon chair any more than you want to look at it, and nobody wants sticky hairspray residue transferred to their clothes during a haircut!

As a barber or hairdresser, these kinds of hairspray-related issues can hurt your business, your customers’ satisfaction, and your bottom-line. If you’re a salon manager or owner, hairspray build-up can dramatically increase your cleaning and equipment costs as you have to replace or reupholster (otherwise perfectly usable) salon furniture faster due to the surface-level damage it causes. That’s because hairspray and even some salon chair cleaners can dry out different salon furniture materials, making them dingy, discolored, and brittle. Plus, if you’re aiming to be an eco salon, most salon chair cleaning recipes and products will work against the fabric of your salon business as well as the fabric of your salon furniture. So finding a way to quickly, easily, and eco-consciously clean the hairspray off your hairdresser chair should be a priority for both the individual hairdresser and salon owner, alike.

The Bad News: Nobody Seems To Know A Practical Way To Clean Hairspray Off A Hairdresser Chair Without Damaging It

In addition to chemical salon chair cleaning products that turn eco salons into eco-unfriendly spaces, there are also plenty of hairdresser-recommended home-brew hacks for cleaning hairspray off a salon chair. The toxicity, complexity, and effectiveness of these methods vary significantly depending on the upholstery materials and age of the involved salon furniture.

While some people say it’s enough just to use baby wipes to clean a hairdresser chair between clients, as soon as hairspray begins to dry, baby wipes become a losing bet for effective eco salon cleaning. Consequently, the most highly-recommended methods for removing hairspray from salon furniture involve complicated recipes and a multi-step cleaning process. Anyone has to be joking who expects a busy hairdresser to have the time between clients (or even at the end of the day) to (1) make, apply, scrub, and remove a paste out of different dry ingredients and grocery items; (2) work in then wash out expensive clipper oil or clarifying shampoo applied to salon chair fabric; and/or (3) mix up, use, then keep track of a spray bottle full a vinegar solution.

In most cases, salon managers or hairdressers will still need a scrubbing brush and elbow-grease to get the hairspray residue off anything — their favorite salon chair or otherwise — with these solutions. What’s more, while these home-brew methods not guaranteed to work, they are almost all guaranteed to leave a strong chemical or pickle-like smell on and all-around whatever piece of salon furniture gets treated with them. Plus, none of them are guaranteed to condition or protect the materials they touch.

Here’s The Good Part: The Salon Chair Guys Sell A Cleaning Solution That Solves All Your Salon Chair Cleaning Problems

The Salon Chair Guys brand Salon Chair Cleaner is the only dedicated eco salon cleaner designed and proven to quickly and easily get hairspray build-up off nearly any salon furniture material. Except for suede and raw leather, whether your salon furniture is upholstered with vinyl, leather, fabric, or mixed materials, any hairdresser can use this solution to clean almost any salon chair.

Moreover, not only is our Salon Chair Cleaner made without harsh or corrosive chemicals, but it also works without a whole lot of hard work. Even the busiest hairdresser or eco salon manager has time to use it; just spray Salon Chair Guys Salon Chair Cleaner on your hairdresser chair, let sit for one minute (if there’s a lot of build-up), and wipe with a webbed sponge and/or damp cloth. Even though you only do a little, this cleaner does a lot. Not only does it safely, effectively, and quickly remove hairspray and other hair products from most salon furniture materials, it also conditions and protects most materials as well. That means it adds value to individual hairdressers’ client interactions as well as eco salon operations by beautifying and extending the life of salon furniture

So quit weighing out the pros and cons of different salon chair cleaners and get yourself a bottle of Salon Chair Guys Salon Chair Cleaner today! The Salon Chair Guys Salon Chair Cleaner wipes away both hairspray and the competition.

Directions for use:

  • For daily use to keep surface clean – spray cleaner on the surface and wipe with damp cloth or sponge
  • For heavy dirt spray on and let sit for 1 min then use a white webbed scrub sponge and wipe when done, for dried hairspray repetition might be necessary.
  • As a rule, ink on leather and vinyl does not come off DO NOT USE ON RAW LEATHER OR SUEDE