How Do You Clean A Leather Chair?

If you search online on how do you get hairspray off a leather chair or how do you clean a vinyl chair you will find almost 100 different ideas on what to do. Stylists, desperate for an answer have suggested everything from Windex to floor cleaner. Some recommend a home mixture of baking soda and shampoo while even others advise using rubbing alcohol and a scrub brush. From cooking ingredients to harsh chemicals the list seems to go on and on.

Here in San Diego we, The Salon Chair Guys, repair salon equipment. One of the services we offer is upholstery repair and replacement. After we would return to our customer their newly reupholstered salon and barber chairs the most common question we would receive is the most obvious one, “What can we use to clean our new chair?’

At first, we didn’t have an answer. After doing some research we realized no one had ever created a cleaner that addressed the specific cleaning needs of salon and barber chairs. So we set out to do so. After a few years of experimentation and methodic testing, we found a formula that was strong enough to remove hairspray from salon chair vinyl and leather, disinfect, and is eco-friendly. Its Non-toxic formula has no smell and doesn’t add to the growing list of harsh chemicals stylist and barbers have to already work with on a daily basis.

So why use a Salon Chair Cleaner? What we have found in years of repairing chairs is with proper upkeep and care a chair can last quite a long time, saving you money. Build up from hairspray, dirt, and product really takes a toll on chair fabric, causing it to tear. So protect your new chair with the right cleaner!

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