Successfully managing a hair salon means taking the best care of your equipment. You want to make sure that everything runs smoothly for your clients and stylist. Taking care of your equipment is also important to save your salon money in the long run. Today we want to share with you our Top 5 Salon Tips for any salon.

Hair Traps

The number one tip for salons is to make sure you are using hair traps. Many salons don’t use hair traps and hair gets stuck in their plumbing. This can cause water to back up into the sinks. It can also mean you are spending more money on plumbing repairs in the future. So make sure you use hair traps to protect your salon’s plumbing. This is going to save you a lot of money in the long run and it’s also going to keep things running smoothly during all your salon appointments.

Water Filters

We have seen calcium build-up on many shampoo bowls due to the harder water. If you are a salon that operates in a place with harder water, make sure you are using water filters on your salon’s water system. This will save you money on shampoo bowl and faucet repairs. It will also make your shampoo bowls look cleaner and more professional when your clients come in for their appointments.

Placing Your Chairs In The Lowest Position Before Seating Your Clients

Another salon tip is to make sure you are putting your salon chairs in their lowest position before seating your clients for their appointments. This is going to alleviate the stress on the chair’s hydraulic system. This is a great tip that is also going to protect the life of your salon chairs. If you want to make sure your chairs last a long time, you have got to stick with this tip.

Clean Hair Dryer Filters

The hairdryers in your salon are extremely important. They are used often and you always need to make sure they are in proper working order. You should make sure to clean the filters regularly on your hairdryers. This will prevent overheating, airborne allergens and dander buildup. If you don’t clean your filters regularly, these allergens and dander will begin spread around your salon. That won’t be good for your stylist or your clients.

Service Your Salon Chairs

It is important to service your salon chairs. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company making sure your chairs are in the best care is important. If there is hair sticking to the base of the chairs because of a faulty hydraulic issue, the base isn’t as sturdy as it used to be, or your armrest are loose you may need to take the time to youtube a repair video or call a local repair technician in your area that can help. If you can’t find one, please feel free to send us a message and we will help you out the best that we can.

Bonus Tip

Now that you have our Top 5 Best Salon Tips, you deserve a bonus tip. Make sure to wipe your chairs down all the time. It will prevent hair spray and product buildup. It will also make your salon chairs look and feel cleaner for you and your clients. We would suggest The Salon Chair Guys Salon Chair Cleaner. Get yours today!