A Comprehensive Guide to Beauty Salon Chairs

Need new chairs for your beauty salon? A salon is a beacon of looks and beauty. Invest in high-quality, beautiful chairs that will keep your customers coming back. In your salon, the best way to get the best impression is to buy aesthetically pleasing chairs


Types of Salon Chairs

Shampoo Chairs

If you planning to offer hairdressing services, you need shampoo chairs.  Buying the best shampoo chairs for your salon can be a simple task if you know what you are looking for.

I would recommend buying shampoo chairs with comfortable head and feet rests. Many of them are designed with feet rest that can be released with remote control or a button.

Chairs with leg supports allow your customers to sit back and relax while their hair is shampooed, making the salon experience even more enjoyable!

The Manicurist’s Chair

To effectively give manicures in your salon, you need 2 types of chairs. 1 for your customer and the other for your nail technician. 

It would be wise to get manicure chairs that allow a range of motion. Swivel manicure chairs are preferred so that tools and products can be reached easily without leaving your customers. 

Pedicure Chairs

Need a new pedicure chair for your business?  If you are planning to give pedicures in your salon, you need to have comfortable pedicure chairs.  They are a big investment. It is therefore important that you buy the right chairs for your salon. 

A comfortable pedicure chair with massage function is the best way to relax your customers while getting a pedicure. 

Swiveling styling chair

These are renowned salon chairs. Though there are many beauty salon chairs to buy, the swivel chair is second to none in terms of versatility and usability. 

Many modern salons and hairdressers trust this type of chair, and customers have accepted it as the industry standard for spa or salon chairs.

In fact, a salon that has no swivel chairs can be considered “outdated” or old. Buy high quality swiveling styling chairs to keep your customers coming back. 

Reception Salon Chairs

Reception is one of the areas that many salons have completely ignored. This is the first area that your customer will see after entering your salon. Get good-looking reception chairs that will attract your clients. 

If you can make your reception area look luxurious, you can even get people off the street. Salon owners, pay attention: The furniture that you have chosen for your waiting area is definitely important.

How to Choose the Best Salon Chairs

All salons depend on salon chairs to do various beauty tasks, from manicures, facials, styling, shampooing, just to name a few. 

Do you know where interactions with most customers take place? When they are seated on salon chairs either getting their hair done or getting a pedicure. 

Buying new furniture can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your beauty salon. Here are some things to consider.

Form and Function

Before buying any salon chairs, consider function and form. What do I mean by that? The furniture should be eye catchy and complement the décor of your salon. 

In addition, the chairs should be clean and comfortable for your customers to sit in and easy to use by your salon attendants. 


The prices of salon chairs vary. You can get very expensive to extremely affordable chairs. Price is determined by the brand, features and the quality of materials that made the chair. Know how much you are able to spend on new chairs, set a budget in advance, and stick to it!